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Launched Volunteer Management for Salesforce Education Cloud

Manage Volunteer Registration, Volunteer Opportunities as well as Volunteer Time.

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​Launched is an Alumni & Advancement Product that sits on Salesforce Education Cloud

Launched is a product from Creation Technology, a Premium Partner of Salesforce. The solution sits on top of Salesforce & can be used either stand alone or in conjunction with Salesforce Education Cloud. 


Transform your Alumni & Advancement department with the latest technology on the most secure cloud.

Launched Volunteer Management for Salesforce

Manage Alumni Volunteer Registration, Volunteering Opportunities & Volunteer Time from Salesforce


Volunteer Registration

Manage Volunteer Registration through whatever simple or complex registration workflow you wish. Undertake due diligence on volunteers as needed & once approved record details or volunteer interests. 

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Volunteering Opportunities

Create volunteering opportunities in the system & record details of those volunteers that show an interest in being associated with the opportunity, as well as those that are actually confirmed to be involved with the opportunity.

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Volunteer Time Recording

Record volunteer time & expense in Salesforce against different volunteering opportunities. Roll up volunteer time against Alumni & profile volunteers with advanced reporting functionality available from Salesforce.

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