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Manage Simple & Complex Events from Salesforce with Launched

Manage Events, Event Registration, Event Tickets, Check In Management & more.

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​Launched is an Alumni & Advancement Product that sits on Salesforce Education Cloud

Launched is a product from Creation Technology, a Premium Partner of Salesforce. The solution sits on top of Salesforce & can be used either stand alone or in conjunction with Salesforce Education Cloud. 


Transform your Alumni & Advancement department with the latest technology on the most secure cloud.

Manage Alumni Events with Launched

Launched includes Event Management functionality for simple & complex events.


Simple Event Management

You can use our Launched Events solution to manage simple Alumni events either for physical events or virtual events. Simple events are those that have just a simple event registration & check in process.

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Complex Event Management

Launched Events can be used to manage complex events. These types of events may include conferences which have multiple ticket types, multiple tracks & sessions, payment integration for paid event tickets etc.

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Check In Management

Launched comes with a number of different Check In features. Either use the Check in Manager interface to manually check in event attendees or use the QR code scanner to quickly check in attendees on arrival.

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