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Launched works seamlessly with Salesforce Education Cloud & EDA

Launched for Salesforce Education Cloud

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​Launched is an Alumni & Advancement Product that sits on Salesforce Education Cloud

Launched is a product from Creation Technology, a Premium Partner of Salesforce. The solution sits on top of Salesforce & can be used either stand alone or in conjunction with Salesforce Education Cloud.
Transform your Alumni & Advancement department with the latest technology on the most secure cloud.

Salesforce Education Cloud

Point Based Solutions or Platform Solutions with Salesforce Education Cloud.

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End to End
Student Lifecycle

Education Cloud includes functionality across the student lifecycle, from prospect, applicant, student, and alumni.

Academic Structure.png

Higher Education Academic Structure

Define Educational Institutions, Partners, Agents, University Departments, Academic Programs etc

Affiliations & Relationship.png

Affiliations & Relationships

Gain a true view of Alumni with Affiliation & Relationship functionality that supports a detailed view of Alumni interactions.

Recruitment & Addmissions.png

Recruitment & Admissions

Education Cloud includes the latest functionality to manage Student Recruitment & Admissions on Salesforce.

Lifelong Learning.png

Lifelong Learning Solutions

University Alumni may represent lifelong learners for your institution. Support transactional education with Salesforce.

Student Services.png

Student Services Functionality

Education Cloud enables Student Services teams to help Students with Academic, Health & Wellbeing matters.

Faculty Management.png

Faculty Management

Put faculty on the same platform as Students & Alumni. Collaborate like never before & gain a true view of interactions.

Business Services.png

Business Services Functionality

Extend Salesforce to your Business Services + Research & Innovation Teams to collaborate & gain a true 360 degree view.

SIS Integration.png

Student Information System Integration

Integrate Education Cloud with Student Information Systems (SIS) such as Tribal SITS & Ellucian Banner.

Event Management.png

Simple & Complex Event Management

Manage both simple & complex Alumni events directly on the Salesforce platform with Launched Advancement.

Chatbots & Live Agent.png

Chatbots & Live Agent

Easily roll out AI powered Chatbots & Live Agent functionality to Alumni. Interact via modern chat based interfaces.

Student Communities.png

Student Communities

Transform the way that you engage your Alumni by offering self service Alumni Community functionality on Experience Cloud.

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