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We have a range of different Implementation Services for Launched Alumni & Advancement 

Our Services range from Quick Start to Custom Implementations.


Launched Implementation

We offer a range of different implementation services for Launched, ranging from simple Quick Start Implementations to Bespoke Implementations where custom development is required.

Every organisation we work with is different & has different requirements. Some require custom integrations with legacy systems, some have complex data migration requirements, some want to achieve something unique that solves a specific problem. We can help no matter the requirement.

Data Migration from a Legacy CRM

Many of the implementation projects we take on include some form of data migration from a legacy system.


We can help no matter the requirement, however complex data migrations from one or more system do require additional time to undertake & therefore additional implementation resources and budget. 

If you have a complex data migration requirement we can undertake an analysis in order to come to an estimate around time & resource required to deliver the migration.

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Launched Integrations

Salesforce can be integrated with many other systems & technologies, either via standard connectors, middleware (such as MuleSoft), or via custom API development.


We can help no matter the integration requirement & have prior integration experience with Tribal SITS, Ellucian Banner, GeckoEngage, UniBuddy, Microsoft Exchange, Mitel, FormAssembly, FormStack, DocuSign etc

User Training & Support

We support Institutions with a number of different User Training & Support options. Our Implementation team can undertake Launched & Salesforce training via classroom style training sessions, train the trainer, or even custom training videos that we provide at the point of use inside Launched.

Bespoke training plans can be develop where needed for teams or team members & we also support with advice & guidance over Salesforce Trailhead Training.

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