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Launched provides a true Alumni 360 & single view of the Alumni or Organisation

Launched for Salesforce Education Cloud

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​Launched is an Alumni & Advancement Product that sits on Salesforce Education Cloud

Launched is a product from Creation Technology, a Premium Partner of Salesforce. The solution sits on top of Salesforce & can be used either stand alone or in conjunction with Salesforce Education Cloud.
Transform your Alumni & Advancement department with the latest technology on the most secure cloud.

Gain a true Alumni 360 with Launched for Salesforce

Prospect - Influencer - Applicant - Student - Alumni - Business Contact - Faculty

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Alumni 360 Degree View

Put your Alumni at the centre of the world. Gain a single source of truth & true Alumni 360 degree view with Launched.


Relationship Management

Manage relationships with Alumni, Students, Donors, Business Contacts, Faculty etc. Record all Interactions for visibility.


Educational History & Timeline

Record and view a full educational history for each Alumni. View current & historical academic qualifications.


Dynamic Contact

Dynamically segment your database into Alumni, Students, Prospects, Applicants, Business Contacts, Volunteers etc.


Wealth Enrichment

Plug in 3rd party wealth enrichment tools such as WealthX to automatically profile & enrich your Alumni records. 


Consent Management

Manage Consent with Salesforce & Marketing Cloud. Provide Preference Centre functionality & consent history.


Employment History & Timeline

Record details of multiple current & prior employment records for Alumni in your system. Pull a timeline to view employment history.


Donor Profiling & Enrichment

Segment donors by Donor Type & Status. Use wealth enrichment tools to automatically profile your Alumni.


Donor Segmentation

Segment your Alumni, Donors, Volunteers, Mentors, Faculty, Business Contacts in any way that you wish.


Business Accounts

Record all manner of different types of Business Account in your system, including Charities, Legal Firms & Partners.


Audit History

Access a full audit history of changes to both the system & records in the system. Use field tracking history on any object in Salesforce.


Restrict Visbility

Restrict access & visibility into your system on a granular level with standard Profiles, Roles & Permission Sets functionality. 

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